iAstronomer is an online year-long extracurricular astronomy club. This club shall be a life long association with the curious young students who decide to begin their journeys towards being amateur astronomers. Club equips the students to explore the cosmos.



The iAstronomer Club is designed to teach you purely astronomy to empower you in this field and develop all the skills an astronomer must-have for their career, curriculum and our approach is to train you in everything hands-on.

You will not find any other, value for money club like this. Yes, no other astronomy club like this exists and we are the pioneer organization in our method, mode and technique to deliver the best in-class learning experience.

  • Learn sky navigation, observation techniques & methods, planning and sighting an astronomical event in the sky.
  • Capturing techniques, learn your constellations, stars, planets, galaxy, nebulae’s and the universe as a whole.
  • Learn using and handling of various tools and equipment’s used to perform scientific study and research.
  • Learn to bring the best out of your photographs using image processing techniques.
  • Develop teamwork, leadership and interpersonal skills while doing the projects and events.
  • Participate in events from around the globe and get certificates from NASA, NASA-JPL, IASC, IAU etc.


Note*: The curriculum and structure designed will be executed as per your age group and level of understanding.


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